SGA Mentoring Framework

The SGA Mentoring Framework is based on The PE-AK Elements and the mentoring framework developed by By Definition Pte Ltd. Every participant of SGA’s Mentoring Programmes will be considered a protégé (SG Athlete) and assigned a mentor or a panel of mentors, depending on the scheme.

SGA will unify the domain expertise of specialists in specific areas relevant to the holistic development of SG Athletes through this proprietary “Academic, Sports, Career & Character Development Mentoring” framework. This holistic development framework will integrate the following elements:


By Definition Pte Ltd’s proprietary Personal Development Plan (PDP) is based on the The PE-AK Elements. From a generic PDP, it can be customised for athletes at all career stages from youth, amateur through to professional levels.

The PE-AK Elements is based on the belief that Personal Excellence needs to be achieved through the Application of Knowledge that will benefit the Family, Community and Society. Within this framework, Actualisation is achieved through Mastery and Discovery; and the focus is first on the Skills, Knowledge and Experience Web (SKEW), followed by the Principles, Values and Attitudes (PVA).


The idea for Power Mentoring is derived from the book by Ellen Ensher and Susan Murphy. Power Mentoring involves a panel of mentors who are specialists or experts in their field for each protégé.Every athlete will be mentored by a panel of domain expert mentors, including sport specific SG Legends.