Executive Sports Programmes & Professional Networking Sports Events

SGA’s Career Development Centre offers hybrid programmes in conjunction with our in-house Tennis & Golf Academy (TAG), such as “Professional Networking through Executive Sports” and professional networking sports events like our monthly “Golf & Tennis Executive Networking (GEN/TEN)” events.

Training Programmes: Professional Networking Through Executive Sports

Tennis and Golf are considered as executive sports played by business persons for professional and social networking in a less formal context. This course is delivered in seniority level specific modules designed to help professionals from different levels of seniority and industries learn to network effectively at their level and beyond through the use of executive sports. This includes familiarization with the rules, culture and etiquette of both Tennis and Golf.

The seniority level specific modules are as follows:

  • Novice: For Undergraduates, Fresh Graduates, Entry Level and Junior Executives
  • Leader: For Middle Managers (Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Managers. Team Leaders directly managing teams of up to 50 staff.)
  • Mogul: For Senior Managers, Directors and C-level Executives (Organisation Leaders directly or indirectly managing multiple teams or teams of 100 staff or more)


Networking Events: Golf &Tennis Executive Networking (GEN/TEN)

Our Golf & Tennis Executive Networking (GEN/TEN) events are themed professional networking sports events that give the opportunity for PMETs from to network with fellow professionals from specific industries or specific purpose depending on the theme, in a balanced environment conducive for professionaland social networking.