About Singa-sports Academy

Singa-sports Academy (SGA) is a professionally run volunteer youth organisation built on passion for sports, youth and community development. SGA is run as a sustainable social enterprise that provides holistic development opportunities, network, confidence-building and excellence for individual athletes, sports groups, schools and civic organizations.​.

SGA fills a longstanding gap in the Singapore sporting industry for holistic Sports, Academic & Career Coaching and Mentoring for athletes at youth, amateur and professional levels. SGA's Mentoring Framework and SG Career Development Centre enable and empower youths for professional careers in and beyond sports, and professional athletes for second careers in, around and beyond the sports industry after their playing/touring careers end. Our proprietary SGA Mentoring Framework is the first and only system of its kind in Singapore. Find out more about SGA Mentoring here.


SGA’s Social Incubator grooms the next generation of community service leaders, through sustainable development of youth & community sports interest groups and volunteer youth organisation committees and project teams. Under the care of SGA’s Social Incubator, youth volunteers receive training and mentoring in sustainable community service project management and development, mentored by experienced established community service veterans throughout the process from ideation through to execution and evaluation phases of project life cycles.

SGA Mission

“Sporting Chance for Everyone”

SGA’s mission is to provide a “Sporting Chance for Everyone” to succeed, especially youths, with the opportunity to become a better person through sports.

Our goal is for every Singa-sports Athlete (SG Athlete) to be a protégé to a mentor or panel of mentors, to be coached and guided in the development of a healthy mind, body and soul, in order to achieve success in academics and sports, in a professional and personal capacity.

This goal or sense of mission is based on our belief that sports provide a nurturing environment for character development and the transmission of positive values.

SGA Vision

SGA was founded on the belief that everyone has a story to tell; and we want to share The Singa-sports Story (SG Story).

Our Singa-sports Legends (SG Legends) deserve the opportunity to tell their stories, to inspire and educate SG Athletes of all ages.

Our SG Athletes are given opportunities to learn from the SG Legends and Mentors, and “craft” their own stories, their own SG Story to become inspirations themselves.

Aside from achievement in sports and education, SG Athletes need the charisma and other competencies to become effective role models. Hence, all SG Athletes will be given the opportunity to be trained in soft-skills that will make them effective leaders and communicators.

Our ultimate vision is to see all SG Athletes achieve happiness by loving what they do through sports.

SGA's Pillars For Successful Development

SGA relies on 3 Pillars for Successful Development, namely:

Creating, providing and leveraging a range of opportunities for SG Athletes for their professional and personal development.

Creating, providing and leveraging on a multitude of access to an established and growing network of qualified resource partners supporting the holistic development of SG Athletes.

Creating, providing and leveraging sustainable frameworks and programmes that are relevant, timely, specific and customized for SG Athletes.

SGA's Value Proposition

"ONCE you have it! You have it!”

"ONCE" is the acronym for SGA’s value proposition, and an extension of our Pillars for Successful Development:

For Athletes to develop.For Sponsors and Resource Partners to access new markets.

Access to Resources and markets.

Personal, Organisational and Network Confidence.

Top quality service, product and results"ONCE you have it! You have it!" represents the importance and value of having the necessary opportunity, network, confidence and personal excellence to succeed.

What We Do

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Sports Coaching
  • Academic Coaching
  • Career Coaching


  • Sport Events
  • Sports Competitions
  • Corporate Events
  • Community Events
  • Professional & Social Networking Events


  • Community Sports
  • Youth Development
  • Community Development
  • Volunteer Development
  • Mentoring Programmes
  • Career Development
  • Corporate Training
  • Team Building
  • Staff Wellness & Recreation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sports Enrichment (SEP)
  • Public Health & Wellness
  • Talent Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Volunteer Interest Groups

Consultancy Services

  • Project Development & Management
  • Curriculum Development & Management
  • Events Development & Management
  • Facility Development & Management
  • Sports Equipment Design & Production
  • Sports Product Design & Production
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Design & Manufacturing

  • Sports Equipment

  • Sportswear & Apparel